Nutronix is a company that stands at the forefront of product innovation. Committed to quality ingredients, extensive research, and unique formulas, Nutronix manufactures and distributes safe, effective, and innovative products that are a perfect blend of science and nature. We incorporate the very latest and most effective health and wellness science and technology in all of our products.

For a decade, Nutronix has passionately pursued the creation of products and resources to help thousands of people around the world find their paths to a beautiful future. Founded in 1999 with a commitment to providing quality nutritional and skin care products that features only premium, wholesome ingredients.  Nutronix is always searching for innovative products that support the health and longevity.

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NuBody Products

This line of products has everything!

NuBody MB - Metabolic Balance - is a synergistic blend of 12 ingredients that have the potential to help support normal insulin levels. NuBody CL - Natural Cleanse contains 20 natural herbs to help assist your body with the natural elimination process. NuBody FS - Flex Support - is a glucosamine supplement designed to give you back normal flexibility and joint functions to maintain healthy bones and joints.



Nusential - Experience a new you!

Our NuSential product line is designed to help with skin care from the inside out. The ever-increasing amount of health threats we face every day are more than concerning, they're alarming. Environmental toxins, industrial; pollutants, daily dress, unhealthy habits and the demands of everyday life all converge to work against us. With our NuSential line you can fight back from the inside and out! These collagen protein supplement will help you reduce wrinkles and stress lines while building firm, youthful, skin and strong rejuvenated hair and nails.


Silver Solution

These items are formulated using our unique and patented SilverSol Technology solution. These products are the ideal choice for almost any use. With its powerful 24 ppm gel formula, your skin will immediately benefit from its many unique properties. Also, the liquid Silver Solution helps to promote natural healing. We are exposed to more damage that you may realize, and sadly, much of it is unavoidable. Let the Silver Solution line help protect you throughout the day!




Ziva; the name means bright, radiant and brilliant. There are many reasons to use such descriptions for a product as powerful as this. We take one of the most unique fruits known in nature, the Muscadine grape, and through a carefully controlled and monitored process, bring you products with healthy benefits unrivaled in today's market.

Muscadine grapes prove not all Super Fruits need to come from exotic places. Think if you have seen one grape you have seen them all? You must have never seen the Muscadine Grape! These grapes grow in not so exotic places like Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Alabama. Muscadines actually have an extra pair of chromosomes that allows these grapes to produce phytochemicals that are not found in any other grape. 


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